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Set of surgical instruments/devices intended to be used exclusively in the implantation of the KEEP WALKING Femoral Implant.
Surgical instruments and devices are supplied non-sterile to hospitals in containers and trays specially designed for transport and sterilization in heat sterilization machines.


Reference Description
TGUI0010000 Depth Guide
TGUI0020200 Diameter Guide (ø12-18mm)( ø0.47-0.71 in)
TGUI0030300 Frontal plane burr (2 units)
TGUI0030112 Medullar burr ø12mm (0.47 in)
TGUI0030113 Medullar burr ø13mm (0.51 in)
TGUI0030114 Medullar burr ø14mm (0.55 in)
TGUI0030115 Medullar burr ø15mm (0.59 in)
TGUI0030116 Medullar burr ø16mm (0.63 in)
TGUI0030117 Medullar burr ø17mm (0.67 in)
TGUI0030118 Medullar burr ø18mm (0.71 in)
TGUI0030220 Conical milling head
TGUI0030231 Conical burr stopper 12-14
TGUI0030232 Conical burr stopper 15-17
TGUI0030233 Conical burr stopper 18
TGUI0030212 Conical burr guide ø12mm (0.47 in)
TGUI0030213 Conical burr guide ø12mm (0.51 in)
TGUI0030214 Conical burr guide ø14mm (0,55 in)
TGUI0030215 Conical burr guide ø15mm (0,59 in)
TGUI0030216 Conical burr guide ø16mm (0,63 in)
TGUI0030217 Conical burr guide ø17mm (0,67 in)
TGUI0030218 Conical burr guide ø18mm (0,71 in)
TGUI0060000 Hexagonal screwdriver
TGUI0070000 Impactor
TGUI0110000 Washer-screw extractor
TGUI15655HU Jacobs-Hudson Adaptor
TGUI15680HU Silicone Hudson handle (2 units)
TGUI15600HU Dynamometric Hudson T handle


Reference Description
TGUI0050000 Anti-rotation guide
TGUI0121012 Trial stem ø12mm (0.47 in)
TGUI0121013 Trial stem ø13mm (0.51 in)
TGUI0121014 Trial stem ø14mm (0.55 in)
TGUI0121015 Trial stem ø15mm (0.59 in)
TGUI0121016 Trial stem ø16mm (0.63 in)
TGUI0121017 Trial stem ø17mm (0.67 in)
TGUI0121018 Trial stem ø18mm (0.71 in)